Questions and answers

1. DELIVERY TIME All our rings are habdarbetas according to customer order. Under normal load, silver rings without stone are usually delivered within 7 days. Rings with stones 7-10 days. Desire for faster delivery? Send us a request or notify us when ordering a date of delivery, we will confirm you by email. WELCOME! 

 ENGRAVING When ordering and buying rings with us, we perform hand engraving inside the rings. (We do not stamp / punch.) Name and date are free of charge. Wish engraving enter the required engraving in the message box at checkout when ordering.  

2. DIAMONDS - Carat - Clarity 

Dimensions / Carat 2.2 mm - 0.04 ct 2.4 mm - 0.05 ct 2.7 mm - 0.07 ct 3.0 mm - 0.10 ct 3.8 mm - 0.20 ct 

Diamonds are measured in carat and clarity. The purity / clarity of a diamond is measured by the number and size of inclusions that are small fragments of other minerals, cavities and scratches inside the diamond. The clarity is evaluated under a ten-pin magnifier. We use our blaze of Top Wesselton, vs. ie, the best clarity and luster in clear diamond. Gemstone hardness: Diamond in the top, next to Rubin and Safir. Alv Design is not dealing with conflict diamonds. We buy our diamonds & gemstones from Swedish and Danish renowned retailers. 

Payment Outside of Sweden? - Select currency - See payment method at checkout, deposit via Alv Design bank account. Email us at questions [email protected] Alv design is based in Stockholm. Address: Smedvägen 16 18495 LJUSTERÖ 710805-0282