About Alv Design

Alv Design handmade silver rings engagement rings & wedding rings 
Unique handmade silver rings and jewelry in a classic, powerful design where thoughts of passion and nature reflect shape and inspiration. 
Our ring creations are similar to artworks, 
unique - no one is the other equal. 

Alv Design has been active since 2009 and is run by artist and designer Kenneth and Anneli Lindström. 
All our silver rings and jewelry are signed - all silver rings and jewelry are silver-stamped. 

We work with both naturally colored and treated diamonds. 
(Treated diamond: genuine diamond colored by chemical process). 
Alv Design is not dealing with conflict diamonds. 
We cooperate and buy our gems and silver from Swedish and Danish companies. 
Our own handmade collections can be found here in the online store. 
Also welcome to visit our showroom Alv Design in Ystad, Vejgränd 4 
and after booking in Stockholm, on Ljusterö. 
Opening hours vary, see more under the tab: Contact us 

 We also accept special orders, but only work in classic silver (though no "copy works") 
Send us a request: [email protected] 

 The company is based in Stockholm, Ljusterö 
Smedvägen 16 
18495 Ljusterö 
org No. 710805-cxcc 
We are members of the Swedish Artists' Association - Bildupphovsrätt.